Import-Export Assistance


Import-Export Assistance

Are you a manufacturer/seller/exporter seeking to expand your business beyond your domestic market especially African market?

 Or are you an importer seeking to import commodites or other items from serious suppliers? 

 Shalom Technologie provides a relief  aid to manufacturers with ambitions of pursuing exporting, but lack "know how" in the complexities involved in trade .  Our Commissioned Export Agents contract with domestic and international manufacturers to develop international markets for their products. Our Commisioned Export Agents have an established list of international contacts and access to multiple streams of market information to find trustworthy buyers for your product(s).

  * Direct professional export consulting services (We provide in depth consultation to our clients in preparing goods for export, selecting the right freight forwarder for shipping etc.)

  * Provide side-by-side assistance in pricing products for export (Overcharging buyers and "dumping" are often results of inferior pricing techniques and usually lead to a negative reputation in the international marketplace. We provide an excellent alternative.)

 * Work directly with freight forwarders to ensure secure orders (After a shipment has left your factory it is in the hands of a freight forwarder. It is in the best interest of all parties involved to have a timely secure order with the proper goods shipped.)

* Provide excellent strategies for maximizing profit potential in international markets (Fair and logical strategies for  executing long term growth of your company.)

 * Cake on the role of a quasi-EMC(Export Management Company), yet allow companies to control their own destiny (We provide more assistance in exporting than the majority of exporting intermediaries. You take the "wheel" , we only suggest a route.)

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